So finally, the beginning…

I’ve created this blog about 2 years ago but never had a chance to really start working on it.  Initially, I took a food writing class so I could work on contents for this blog.  Then I ended  up discovering about my paternal grandfather whom I never met because he had passed away immediately after my father got engaged to my mother.  He never met my mother or never knew my existence.

To my surprise, my grandfather was a significant figure in the sake history. He was responsible for developing a sake brewing method called Sokujoumoto.  In short this method revolutionized the art of sake making by bringing more predictable and stable results to the production process.

Growing up, my late father often told me that well made sake should be consumed chilled.  He was a firm believer in chilled sake.  He saw value in warmed sake, too but was enthusiastic about chilled sake.  Little did I know that he had strong sentiments toward chilled sake because that was one of the only ties he had with his own father, my grandfather.  My grandfather’s invention made the consumption of the chilled sake possible and he believed in creating modern form of sake that is favored and consumed by the younger generations.  In the article from Osaka Asahi Shinbum (Asahai Newspaper) published on June 27, 1933, he talks about his aspirations of making a new type of sake for the new generation in the coming century (20th Century).  From this article, I can feel his passions for the creation of chilled sake and also pursuit for the art of sparkling sake.

A New Sake is Born! No need to be heated.

A New Sake is Born! No need to be heated.

Like my father and my grandfather I adore chilled sake.  I also enjoy heated sake and sake brewed in methods aother than my grandfather’s Sokujomoto such as Kimoto and Yamahai.


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  1. がんばってね!!!

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