Kaori Eda is a Web Marketing Professional in New York City and a foodie who has had obsessions for food since she doesn’t remember when.  Her father, Shigreu, was a passionate food lover and made sure his daughter ate well.  Her mother, Etsuko, recalls an incident when Kaori was only about six month old.  She made some white cream sauce to feed her daughter.  When Shigeru walked into the kitchen and tasted the white sauce he got offended and made her re-do the sauce.  She had to add some lemon zest, white wine, and improve the flavor.  She said to herself, ” But my daughter is just six month old…??”  Kaori feels she owes to her dad that she has rather complex and sophisticated palate.

She has been a grass-roots sake evangelist trying to raise the awareness, spread the joy of sake,  and to preserve the art of sake making as preservation of Japanese culture.  Never knew where her passion came from until two years ago when she first discovered her paternal grandfather’s involvement with sake making. He invented and developed the Sokujomoto method of sake brewing.  Her aunt’s family has also been involved with the traditional Japanese food culture through the art of soy sauce making.